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Training Sessions

Why CrossFit? CrossFit is Constantly varied function fitness at high intensity.   Each session is a variation of weight lifting, cardio and gymnastics. Each day we have a warm-up, a WOD (Workout Of The Day), and an Olympic Lift. Come check us out!

This session is offered:

5:00am MTWThF

6:00am MTWThF

12:00pm MTWThF

4:30pm MTTh

4:45pm WF

5:30pm MTTh



CrossFit Exercises



You can take this course one of two ways. This session is all about the 9 foundational movements of CrossFit. This is a beginners class and is kept to a size of 6 or less people. 

You can take this course one of two ways:

1. One on One- An athlete will have 3 sessions with a certified coach. This is the fastest way to integrate into the CrossFit sessions. Cost-$150

2.  Sessions are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday once a month. Contact us for the week each month. They are one hour at 6:30pm. 


It consists of 3 sessions that will go over the 9 movements, gymnastic movements, and vocabulary needed to enter into a CrossFit session. 

For those who want to know more about CrossFit or have heard about rumors about CrossFit, or are scared about CrossFit...This is a great session for you to learn the movements, the myths, and the concept of what CrossFit is all about. 




Join us for ROMWOD. ROMWOD is a our Range Of Motion Workout Of the Day. This is a session with working on building your range of motion (finding our imbalances, building our flexibility, and learning to move the way our bodies were intended to move).

This session is offered:

Tuesday      7:30PM

Saturday     9:00AM

CrossFit Class

CrossFit Teens

Teaching CrossFit to Teens

CrossFit Teens is for Teenagers (12-16). This class is to teach young teens what CrossFit is and the form needed for the movements of CrossFit.

Teens are allowed to come to other sessions but cost will be adjusted accordingly.

This session is offered:

Tuesday and Thursday 


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CrossFit Kids

Fun Sessions for Kids (ages 6-11)

Our kids program is designed to teach children basic concepts of CrossFit and Fitness. This session is usually 45 minutes. Teaching a basic body weight movement, workout of the day (WOD), and a game at the end.

This session is offered:

Monday and Wednesday